Casual Cool: Scruffy Beard Styles for a Relaxed Vibe

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Scruffy Beard Style
Scruffy Beard Style

Casual Cool: Scruffy Beard Styles for a Relaxed Vibe

If you aim to embrace a rough, laid-back look, scruffy beard styles are the ideal choice. These facial hair styles epitomize an effortless charm and lend a touch of casual coolness to your overall appearance.

In this article, we will delve into the top scruffy beard styles that can assist you in achieving a rugged and rough appearance.

So, let’s dive in and uncover the best scruffy beard styles for a relaxed vibe!

Top Scruffy Beard Styles for a Rugged Look

Scruffy beards have various styles. Read below to get some inspiration for your next scruffy beard transformation!

Medium Stubble Goat Scruffy Beard

Medium Stubble Goat Scruffy Beard Style
Medium Stubble Goat Scruffy Beard Style

One of the popular scruffy beard styles is the medium stubble goat beard, which is a stylish beard style. This style involves keeping a short beard that is trimmed to a consistent length of approximately 3-5mm.

The beard is maintained slightly longer than clean-shaven or stubble styles, giving it a distinctive scruffy appearance. This medium stubble goatee beard is versatile and complements different face shapes.

It strikes a balance between a neat look and a more relaxed vibe, making it an excellent choice for those who wish to try out a fashionable and scruffy facial hair style.

Salt and Pepper Scruff

Salt and Pepper Scruff Beard
Salt and Pepper Scruff Beard

If you’re blessed with a salt-and-pepper beard, why not embrace it and enhance your scruffy look?

The salt and pepper scruff style is about growing out your beard and letting both the gray (salt) and dark (pepper) hairs coexist. This short scruffy beard style gives off an air of maturity and sophistication while still keeping that rough and rugged charm.

It’s a great option for guys who want to display their wisdom and experience through their facial hair style.

Grey Scruffy Beard Style

Grey Scruffy Beard
Grey Scruffy Beard

Like salt and pepper scruff, the grey scruffy beard style embraces the natural aging process and lets your gray hair shine through.

This scruffy beard style can be achieved by growing out your beard and keeping it slightly unkempt. The gray hairs add a touch of maturity and sophistication to your overall appearance, especially if you have silver hair.

Embracing the grey scruffy beard style is a bold statement that shows confidence and a disregard for societal norms of youthfulness.

Light Stubble Scruffy Beard Style

Light Stubble Scruffy Beard
Light Stubble Scruffy Beard

The light and short stubble beard style is an excellent option for those who desire a gentle scruffy appearance.

To achieve this style, you let your beard grow for a few days until it reaches a short stubble length. It strikes a balance between looking clean-shaven and having a rougher vibe.

The short, stubble, scruffy beard style adds a touch of texture and masculinity to your face, boosting your overall attractiveness.

Messy Beard With Mustache

Messy Beard With Mustache Style
Messy Beard With Mustache Style

This style embraces a wild and rebellious look by letting your thick beard grow without much trimming. The addition of a mustache adds an extra touch of character and personality to your scraggly beard.

It’s an excellent choice for those who want to make a bold statement and stand out from the rest of the people.

Scruffy Stubble Beard with Moustache

Scruffy Stubble Beard with Moustache
Scruffy Stubble Beard with Moustache

Combining the elements of a scruffy beard and a mustache, the scruffy stubble beard with a mustache style creates a distinctive and rugged look.

This style includes letting your beard grow to a short stubble length and keeping a separate mustache. The scruffy stubble beard with a mustache brings a vintage charm to your overall look while keeping it modern and relaxed.

To enhance this style, you can apply beard oil for added benefits.

Heavy Stubble Scruffy Beard Style

Heavy Stubble Scruffy Beard
Heavy Stubble Scruffy Beard

If you want a bolder worn look, this full beard style is an excellent option. This style requires you to let your beard grow for a longer duration, usually around 7-10 days, to achieve a thicker and more substantial scruffy appearance.

The full beard style radiates masculinity and confidence, making it a favored choice for men who wish to embrace a rugged and robust look.

How to Maintain Scruffy Beard

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Trim a Scruffy Beard?

To trim a scruffy beard, follow these simple steps:

1. Start by washing your beard thoroughly
2. Decide on the desired length for your scruffy beard
3. Trim your beard evenly, working in the direction of hair growth.
4. Pay extra attention to the neckline and cheek line
5. After trimming, rewash your beard to remove any loose hair, and apply a beard oil or balm.

How to Choose the Right Stubble Style for Your Face Shape?

When choosing a stubble style for your face shape, consider the following guidelines:

1. Oval Face Shape: Almost any stubble style suits an oval face shape. Experiment with different lengths and shapes to find what suits you best.

2. Round Face Shape: Opt for a longer stubble style to add definition and elongate the face. Avoid very short stubble, as it can accentuate the roundness.

3. Square Face Shape: A shorter, well-groomed stubble style works well for square faces. Keep the beard length closer to the face to soften the angles.

4. Oblong Face Shape: Create the illusion of width by growing a thicker, fuller stubble style. Avoid excessively long beards, as they can elongate the face further.

5. Diamond Face Shape: Focus on maintaining a short and neat stubble style. Avoid excessive length on the chin to balance the face shape.

How do you deal with a scruffy beard?

To maintain a scruffy beard, follow these tips:

1. Regularly wash your beard
2. Condition your beard to keep it soft and manageable
3. Comb or brush your beard daily
4. Trim your scruffy beard regularly
5. Pay attention to your overall grooming.


Scruffy beard styles provide an excellent means to attain a laid-back and rugged aura. Ensure to select a scruffy beard style that suits your face shape and diligently maintain it with consistent grooming and care.

Embrace your scruffy beard confidently and let it become a defining characteristic of your distinctive appearance!


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