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Clio PalmPerfect Shaver Review

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cliopalmperfectClio PalmPerfect Shaver Review

Discovering the ideal shaver, such as the Clio PalmPerfect shaver, may require some effort. There is a wide array of choices available, spanning various price points. Consequently, navigating through the process of selecting a shaver can be perplexing. Each person’s skin possesses distinct characteristics, which in turn necessitate personalized care.

The Clio PalmPerfect is a shaver on the low end of the price spectrum.

While it doesn’t include the bells and whistles of high end shavers, it is still a shaver that has its unique place in the shaving market, and, potentially, in your home.

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Battery Life of the Clio PalmPerfect

The Clio PalmPerfect operates using two triple-A batteries. While this lack of rechargeability might pose an inconvenience, particularly for frequent travelers who prefer having a readily available shaver. It is worth noting that each set of batteries provides a minimum of three full shaves.

The Clio PalmPerfect is also a shaver that you need to be a bit careful with because water can easily work its way into the compartment and begin to rust out the connections, which will render the shaver unusable.

Clio PalmPerfect Shaver Settings

The Clio PalmPerfect does not come with the bells and whistles of more expensive shavers, but for its price tag, you can’t really expect that. It can be used on either wet skin or dry skin, and while the manufacturer suggests it can be cleaned under running water, most users would agree that submerging the device isn’t the best idea. The battery compartment, because it is not sealed, can easily accumulate water, which as mentioned can rust out the battery connections. It works well, however, on damp skin i.e. skin that has just been showered, and on dry skin.

The Clio PalmPerfect only has one setting. There are no clipper attachments for trimming hair, so you’ll need to trim longer hairs with a different device, or scissors before using this machine. The Clio PalmPerfect’s setting is great for getting a fairly close shave on delicate parts of the body, such as the underarms.

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Additional Shaving Features of the Clio PalmPerfect

The Clio PalmPerfect doesn’t have a ton of additional features. With that being said, its design is something that should be mentioned. The Clio is not your traditional razor. The small size, and thick handle makes it very easy to manoeuvre into smaller spots, like the bikini line. The handle is wide so it fits perfectly in the palm and can be gripped with ease. You are able to use the shaver from several different angles to get a complete shave, although a couple of passes over the desired area may be necessary.

This device does not come with a clipper setting, but rather, just a triple blade, foil setting. This is great if you are looking to just clean up an area that has not grown long yet, but you’ll need to take extra care in areas with longer hair, as the razor can pull and snag under such conditions. It is a small enough device that it is easy to travel with. It can be thrown into a purse or a toiletries bag without taking up much room, and its low profile is one of its biggest positives.

The Bottom Line on the Clio PalmPerfect

If you are on the hunt for a bargain shaver, the Clio PalmPerfect should work fine for your needs. It is a great “clean-up” shaver to use on hair that has been shaved recently, but probably isn’t the best bet for trimming longer hairs, or dealing with areas that are prone to uneven hair growth. Pulling is a common complaint about this razor when used on longer hair, so keeping it strictly as a “clean-up” shaver is probably in your best interest. While it is economically priced, it simply does not have the power that most will need in a shaver, and an additional product, such as a trimmer will be needed. With that being said, it might be a solid choice for a teenager who is just learning to shave, as nicks and snags are unlikely on fine, short hairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is palmperfect waterproof?

Yes, the Clio PalmPerfect shaver is waterproof. It is designed to be used in wet environments, such as in the shower or bath. Its waterproof feature allows for convenient and versatile use without compromising its performance or durability.

Can you use palmperfect electric shaver on face?

The Clio PalmPerfect shaver is primarily designed for use on the body, particularly for areas like the legs, underarms, and bikini line. While some individuals may choose to use it on the face, it’s important to note that the PalmPerfect shaver is not specifically designed or recommended for facial hair removal.

Can you use shaving cream with palmperfect electric shaver?

Yes, you can use shaving cream or gel with the Clio PalmPerfect electric shaver. Applying shaving cream or gel on the area you wish to shave can help provide lubrication, reduce friction, and enhance the overall shaving experience.


The Clio PalmPerfect shaver proves to be a reliable and versatile option for body hair removal. Its design, featuring a waterproof body and the ability to use shaving cream or gel, offers convenience and flexibility in various grooming routines.

Overall, the Clio PalmPerfect shaver delivers on its promises of efficient hair removal, making it a valuable addition to one’s personal care routine.

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