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Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 Beard Trimmer

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Lyndon Seitz
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Man Trimming Beard

Beard trimmers can be found at nearly every supermarket and hair salon, but, for men who really care about looking and feeling their very finest, only the best beard trimmer will do.

When it comes to beard trimmers, the most important aspect is consistency – a perfectly sculpted beard shows clearly that all of the hairs are of equal length relative to one another, giving you the manly effect of a beard without making you scruffy.

So, what is the best beard trimmer available on the market? Groom+Style have taken all of the most popular trimmers one by one and tested them thoroughly to arrive at a conclusion. Our winner has been judged by the cutting performance it delivers, the quality of its build and the host of useful features it comes with. And the winner is…

The Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 Beard Trimmer

By a large margin, the clear winner is the Philips Norelco trimmer. The quality and consistency of its cut won us over before it was discovered that it also features a laser-guided straightening beam. You read that correct: lasers have been added to this beard trimmer, to ensure that you get a perfectly straight and consistent trim to your beard.

At first, it seemed like the laser was a simple marketing ploy that would attract every sci-fi fan in the world to Philips Norelco. Even if it is, the fact is that, once you have experienced trimming with a neat little red line outlining exactly the angle that you need to trim, the entire beard trimming process suddenly becomes many times easier than ever before. Slick, attractive designs that could not be done before are now easy to accomplish thanks to this feature. Check product reviews in below.

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Comfort, Consistency and Durability

There is no reason to think that this is the only trick hidden up Philips Norelco’s sleeve. This trimmer is amazingly comfortable for such a solid trimmer and does not tug harshly at hairs, even for those with thick, tangled bushy beards. It offers a beautifully consistent trim from every angle, and is quite evidently built to last.

Philips Norelco: The Best Of The Best

Philips Norelco has really hit it with this product. There are not enough praises to be sung about it and, even though it faces competition from the likes of the Panasonic ER224-S All-In-One or the Braun Series 7 Beard Trimmer, they simply do not measure up to what Philips Norelco has offered with this one. The Braun is a pretty classy device in its own right, and could earn itself the merit of a good second choice, but the number one top beard trimmer around is hands-down the Philips Norelco 9100.

Technical Details:

  • The trimmer can be washed by simply running under the faucet.
  • This dual-sided trimmer has a wider end for perfectly straight lines on your neck and sideburns and a narrow end to style hard-to-reach areas around the nose and mouth.
  • The trimmer’s rechargeable battery provides up to one hour of cordless use after one hour of charging, while self-sharpening blades and a fully washable design make for easy care and cleanup.
  • The Beard Trimmer 9100 comes with a storage pouch and two combs, a beard comb for even trimming, and a detail comb for greater control.

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Laser Guide for Precise Results

The Beard Trimmer 9100 has a pop-up laser guide that projects a line directly on your face so you can properly align the trimmer before it touches any hair. This helps you create perfectly straight and symmetrical lines every time. And because the laser is Class 1, the light it emits is completely safe for the eyes.

High-Performance Chromium Steel Blades

The Beard Trimmer 9100 offers versatility with a high-performance, wide trimmer on one end and a narrow, detail trimmer on the other. The wider end delivers perfectly straight lines on your neck and sideburns, while the narrow end makes it easier to groom around the nose and mouth. For neat, efficient cutting, the beard trimmer has self-sharpening blades made of finely ground chromium steel that require no oiling or maintenance. The blades’ rounded tips and combs prevent skin irritation for more comfortable trimming.

Use Corded or Cordless with 17 Length Settings That Lock in Place

To get the results you want, this trimmer features a zoom wheel that automatically locks in one of 17 lengths between 1/64 to 9/32 inches (0.4 millimeters to 7 millimeters) with as little as 0.2 millimeters between length settings. Once you’ve chosen a length, the LED display clearly shows it for easy reference. The trimmer has a lithium ion rechargeable battery that provides a full hour of power after one hour of charging. It can also be plugged in for corded use. To clean the trimmer, simply rinse it under the faucet. The trimmer includes a pouch for storage and portability.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100 features:

  • Built-in laser guide helps you create precise lines for the look you want
  • 17 length settings provide precise trimming, with as little as 0.2 millimeters between settings
  • Self-sharpening blades require no oil or maintenance
  • Adjustable wheel locks in your chosen length setting
  • 60 minutes cordless use from one-hour charge
  • Includes two combs and storage pouch

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2 thoughts on “Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 Beard Trimmer”

  1. Some men’s trimmers will only work in cordless mode, which can be frustrating if you forget to plug it in for recharging the night before. This is not the case with the Philips Norelco 9100. It can be used either cordless, or when plugged into the wall. You’ll never feel dismayed, or lose time in the morning, because it will always have the power you need to look your best when you need it for shaving.

    • Hiya,
      Very good point. The Philips Norelco BT9285/41 cannot be used in the shower/bath (it is a dry shaver only, although it can be cleaned under a running tap) which means it can be used while plugged in. Shavers/trimmers that can be used in the shower/bath can only be used in cordless mode. This is for safety reasons, to stop users from operating a wet shaver/trimmer, in the shower or bath while it is plugged in.
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