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Women’s Electric Shaver Philips HP6378 Review

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Women’s Electric Shaver Philips HP6378 Review

Finding a shaver that works for your specific needs can be a bit difficult, especially if you don’t really know what you are looking for. Shavers exist on the market that “do-it-all”, and shavers exist on the market for specific jobs. The Phillips HP6378 falls somewhere in the middle. While it isn’t the perfect shaver for every job, it is a great little shaver to get a clean up done. It is perfect for precision jobs, and excels in areas that have incredible delicate skin that is prone to irritation.

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Philips HP6378 Shaver’s Battery Life

HP6378 womens shaver
Philips HP6378 women’s shaver. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

The battery life on the Phillips HP6378 is among its best features. With a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, this shaver offers about 60 minutes of continuous shaving on a single charge. That is enough to get in a handful of shaves without having to recharge, however, many find that the shaver is most effective when completely charged, especially when being used on the bikini area. A full charge is necessary to effectively use some of the precision attachments included in the kit. The charging port is small and compact, making it easy to keep it plugged in at all times, so you’ll always be ready for your next shave. The shaver and its charge are compact enough to travel easily in any toiletries bag, which is a nice bonus.

The HP6378 Settings

The Phillips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Trimmer has a lot of different options when it comes to your shaving needs. The device comes equipped with six different precision attachments to get you the shave that you are looking for. There really is something that will work for everyone in this kit. The device is also a wet/dry shaver, so you can use it in the shower, or use it on dry skin, whichever you prefer.

The kit comes with a precision trimmer, a precision comb, an epilator attachment, an eyebrow comb, a micro trimmer, and a micro shaver. The precision trimmer is perfect for cleaning up the hair around the bikini line without irritating the delicate skin. The comb, on the other hand, offers five lengths so you can trim to your desired length without going completely smooth. The epilator pulls hair from the root to create a smooth shave that will last for weeks. The eyebrow comb is perfect for cleaning up the brows between plucking or waxing, and the micro trimmer is perfect to shape brows or remove just a few stray hairs. Finally, the micro shaver uses nickel-free foil to get a close shave on delicate, sensitive skin.

The epilator attachment will need a complete charge to work effectively, and some report it as a painful experience. It does, however, remove hair below the skin line for the smoothest shave possible. The precision trimmers remove hair in one sweep, allowing for less irritation and a more uniform shave each time.

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The HP6378 Additional Features

The power of this Phillips shaver really comes in its settings and attachments. They make it an all-around shaver that can do just about anything, however, there are some additional features that put it a league above the rest. The design of the device is comfortable in the hand. The rubber grips make it safe to use in the shower, and the precision head makes it easy to get into small spaces and crevices. The head of the shaver is especially small making it perfect for delicate, precise jobs, like the underarms, eyebrows and bikini line.

Phillips, along with creating a great shaver, has also added in some extra bonuses for users. The package includes an exfoliating glove that is perfect for getting your skin in tip-top shape before going ahead and shaving. Exfoliating can help remove imperfections in the skin and makes it easy to get a clean, uniform shave.  It also comes with illuminated tweezers to remove additional hairs. Finally it comes equipped with a travel bag that will make taking the shaver on the road a breeze.

The Bottom Line with the HP6378

The Phillips HP6378 from Groom+Style for art of shaving is the perfect bikini and precision shaver for most people. It is a moderately priced shaver, but it preforms like the more expensive options on the market. The precision attachments put it ahead of the pack, and ensure its versatility.

It’s ease of travel, exceptional battery life, and its ability to get multiple jobs done at once make it a great shaver option for people on the hunt for a precision shaver.

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